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Corporate events are customized and additional facilitators allow for larger groups - Contact us

Group Sessions of 6 particiapants max

  • 12-Session Programs are $360/participant

  • 8-Session Programs are $$280/participant

  • Sessions are 1hr each and are structured as follows:

  1. Briefing (intro to session and learning outcomes)

  2. Arena experiential learning with horses

  3. Debrief (discuss the experience in the arena with the horses

  4. Journaling (Free spontaneous writing by participants of what they learnt and how they will apply it outside of the program)

Guardians/Caregivers/sponsoring organization receives copies of the session journals for further growth and assessment of the participant's progress.

  1. each session is goal oriented and  builds on the previous one.

  2. each  exercise is custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills as they work through each fun interactive group challenge.

  3. each session is a building block of growth which is applied and practiced in the following block Skills are targeted and practiced in each session in different situations.

  4. The experience and situations in the arena with the horses and team members are systematically and consistently paralleled to real life examples.

  • Programs are specifically designed: Anti-Bullying, Life Skills, Living in Authenticity, Team Building etc. While they include learning comprehensive skills: communication, critical thinking, empathy, communication  etc.; each program is developed with the specific outcomes in mind; experiential practice of the skills and their direct immediate results.

  • Helmets and equipment provided

  • Deliverables: Here are examples of growth areas participants will develop/improve:

  1. build & develop relationships;

  2. recognize & accept responsibility and accountability;

  3. overcome barriers to find change and success;

  4. be encouraged to be creative and innovative toward positive outcomes;

  5. find opportunity in working together;

  6. realize the benefits associated with  effective communication; 

  7. recognize the value of mutual trust, respectpersonal integrity.

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