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ELead Professional Development Programs WILL
Transform your workforce into

ELead uses the power of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) 

and Experiential Learning to build strong and lasting

Emotional Intelligence skills in individuals

Workforce Development Programs


Team Building
Leadership Development
Thinking out of the Box

Our totally unique experiential learning training

will get the results your company is looking for

WHY is Emotional Intelligence your Competitive Advantage?

There has never been a time where intellectual and emotional intelligence

needed to go together as they do today and moving forward.

4 of the top 10 skills are SOCIAL SKILLS

The World Economic Forum defines these four skills:

  • Coordinating with Others: Adjusting actions in relation to others’ actions.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Being aware of others’ reactions and understanding why they react as they do.

  • Negotiation: Bringing others together and trying to reconcile differences.

  • Service Orientation: Actively looking for ways to help people.

All of these traits rely heavily on Emotional Intelligence, skills that are learnt through Equine Assisted Learning. And if the recommendations of The World Economic Forum aren’t enough to convince you to adapt, or if you’re thinking that genius alone might suffice, research reinforces that people with strong emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed than those with high IQs or relevant experience.

  • The skill sets and capabilities that the modern workforce requires are changing significantly. 

  • What are the sorts of skills that humans will need in an AI-driven world, and how can companies go about creating a process to upskill their employees on a continuous basis moving forward?  

  • How can you encourage them to collaborate and work within super-diverse teams together to solve problems. That’s the real core of retooling your workforce.


EQ - Personal abilities: the future is bringing  a fast-paced, complex, constantly evolving, interwoven world of connections, simulations and algorithms.  Employers, employees, leaders and organisations as a whole need to be equally fast-paced, complex thinkers, constantly evolving, flexible and interconnected; they need the right industry skills (numerical, scientific, technological, etc), but essentially, blended with core personal abilities such as:

  • Flexibility, versatility and adaptability to be equally fast-paced.

  • Critical-thinking, analytical skills and risk tolerance to efficiently resolving complex issues with minimal stress.

  • Quick learners, creativity, multi-skilled & multi-tasking to be constantly evolving without stress.

  • Balanced, focused and cognitively flexible to able to think through multiple concepts simultaneously 

  • Cooperative, collaborative and cross-cultural communicators to be interconnected 



Equine Assisted Learning(EAL) Formula

Horses + Objective based Exercises + Effective Facilitation + Experiential Learning

= Positive Lasting Change in Emotional Intelligence

As a member of the only Nationally Recognized Equine Assisted Learning Program in Canada, each of our exercises is custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills as participants work through each fun interactive group challenge.

Not Convinced?

If organizations are willing to give their workforce a direction for growth from within, they are organizations building future leaders, rather than employees for their competitors. In a shrinking labor pool environment, this represents a competitive advantage

EAL Formula

Horses + Objective based Exercises + Effective Facilitation + Experiential Learning

= Positive Lasting Change in Inter-Personal Skills

Equine Assisted Learning is Research backed

The EAL method is supported by a 5-year research study from the University of Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina. 

Equine Assisted Learning has proven to be useful, powerful, positive, educational, and creative in developing multiple types of life skills for individuals from diverse social background:

  • Self-awareness

  • Emotional awareness

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-control

  • Trustworthiness

  • Adaptability

  • Conscientiousness

  • Innovation

  • Achievement drive

  • Commitment

  • Initiative

  • Optimism

  • Critical thinking

  • Empathy

  • Service orientation

  • Developing others

  • Leveraging diversity

  • Understanding others

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Conflict management

  • Building bonds

  • Collaboration and cooperation

  • Team capabilities

  • Resilience

  • Problem Solving

EAL follows the BuildingBlock™ Curriculum

  • Participants engage in objectives driven exercises and find themselves learning valuable insights about themselves and others and spontaneously seeking and achieving change in a fun and safe environment.

  • Horses provide opportunities to attain immediate, honest and observable feedback with cause and effect situations

 Experiential learning  relies on the value of personal and independent reflection from which insights will emerge as the participants interact in the group; experiential learning happens when;

  • A learning experience (a teachable moment) through the exercise/challenge is offered

  • Individuals are encouraged to reflect, describe, communicate ideas

  • Team and individuals come to conclusions drawn from reflection on specific situations at hand

  • Conclusions are followed by individually journaling the progress.

  • New learning is applied as a building block to previous experiences

  • A parallel is made between the learning moment and life


The focus is not on the “act of completion” of the exercise but rather each individual participant’s “Journey in Learning”.

Why Choose Experiential Training?

At ELead, every experiential training session ensures effective skill development that is fun and memorable. Experiential learning has been termed "the natural way of learning,” and is defined as the process by which the experience of the learner is reflected upon, from which new insights emerge.

  • Fun and Hands-On - Your learning experience is not just in that moment, but paralleled back to everyday life at the office. With experiential learning, all senses and learning styles are stimulated to allow this transfer of learning.

  • Collaborative vs. Competitive - Many team events are based on competition, but don’t you want your teams to work TOGETHER like a well oiled machine! You don’t have to like every member of your team, but if you can COMMUNICATE and understand how to effectively communicate with one another, your team can be unstoppable.

  • Irrefutable Results - A day that is fun and provides strong skills for your team? Get outta here! It’s true! All programs are bespoke to your team to ensure you are getting the results that you want and need! Improve camaraderie, trust and enforce your company vision to get you to where your company wants to be.

ONLY HORSES offer this Opportunity!

  • Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of your team.

  • Team activities are designed to facilitate problem solving that encourages individuals to work cohesively as a team for positive results.

  • This unique style of horse/human interaction is an effective approach to team building and leadership development and is a powerful metaphor for the work environment.

Programs Information

Group max size: 6 per facilitator (we can accommodate large groups)

Where: SGA Stables - Grandview, MBTransportation is the responsibility of the organization. We have a map and directions on our contact us page.  SGA Stables are easily accessible off hwy#5 between Grandview and Roblin year round.

When: We book a time and day that works for your organization and/or groups.

Facilitator: Certified Equine Connection and EAL network facilitator.

Deliverables: The program follows the BuildingBlock™ Curriculum; each session is goal oriented and  builds on the previous one and is customized to the specific type of skills.  Each of our exercises is custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills as they work through each fun interactive group challenge. Teams will work to develop relationships; accept responsibility and accountability; overcome barriers to find change; be encouraged to be creative and innovative; find opportunity in working together; realize the benefits associated with the effective communication; and recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity. The more senses that are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained. The more we involve learners, the more senses are engaged, thereby increasing the probability that they will learn, retain, and apply what they have learned. All while having a blast!

Workforce Development also include additional activities in classroom setting as an additional opportunity to parallel the experience with the horses to real work situations such as situational exercises and individualized assessments.

Workshops include more than one Equine Assisted Learning session depending on the workshop length. We customize the experience and learning to your organization's needs.

Organizations receive reports on each participants' progress and have an opportunity to provide feedback as to the changes/progress seen in the participant's behaviour and/or attitude.

We work closely with your organization to discuss deliverables.

Investment: Workforce development programs can be delivered in multiple different formats: Day workshops, weekly sessions, week end sessions; each at a different level of investment. We work with organizations individually to build a plan that meets each organization's needs.

Your organization is unique, shouldn’t your training be too?

Tug of War - Push Me Pull You

Participants are in teams and challenged to work through the different stations and use creativity to turn their horse around. Success will only happen when they communicate and work together.

All for 1 & 1 for All - Four Musketeers

Exploring new ways to communicate under pressure! This team building exercise encourages the discovery of individual alternative communication skills in order to successfully work together as a team to hit the goal.

Horse In The Pocket - Harness The Horse Power Within Your Team

“Beyond the Boardroom” for organizations who are searching for fun, innovative and results-oriented solutions to enhance your team(’)s effectiveness. Individuals learn useful and life changing leadership skills that will show up immediately in the workplace.

The Triple Crown

There is always room for improvement!

Sure you can finish each others sentences and anticipate your next moves, but maybe that is preventing you from truly communicating. We end up anticipating within teams we have been with for a long period of time and not making sure that we are effectively communicating what should be happening within the team. You put a lot of investment into your employees. Keep them working together the way a team should.

Maintaining a team that functions at its best can be your organization’s greatest asset.

Brainiac - Who's The Brain

Your group will discover the power of articulation in order to accomplish the task at hand in these interactive stations. The solver to this will also be active listening by the others in the team.

Trust the Process - Blindman's Adventure

Trust is essential in a business and this one pushes participants to the limit!  Push your team to a new level of trust that they can bring right back to the office!

Tongue-Tied - Silent Communication

We forget how easy it is to tell someone to do a task or what our body language is projecting. The objective is to use silent communication and body language to guide each other’s partners though the obstacles.

Equine Billiards - The Pony Express

Effective with groups that are new to your corporate culture and just getting to know each other in their new work environment. Learn each others communication styles as well as your own. You will see the distinct qualities that each participant brings to the team. Individuals learn useful and life changing leadership skills that will show up immediately in the workplace.

Corporate Events

Sure, paintball or beer gardens  is a good time and all, but where is the application? Make your  event memorable, fun AND worthwhile! Grab your sales team, clients and/or leadership team in a day getting up close and personal with our horses. A half day of working with horses out of the saddle with a unique and fun activity. Includes a real down home BBQ with some of your favourite beverages! More FUN than an 8 second ride!

Go With the Flow - Thinking Inside The Box

What does it take as a team to think outside the box? This challenge participants to work through a series of tasks, while emphasizing how you problem solve with plan development and adaptability

Common Sense - The Thoroughbred

Fine Tune Your Existing Team Take your business to the next level. This course focuses on fine-tuning your existing team. You may have worked together for many years, but are you communicating and working together as effectively as you would like? Would you like to challenge the norm of your current office setting?

Bridging the Gap 

You already know the potential generational issues that your organization faces. This is your opportunity to address these issues through teamwork and communication between the generations and build leadership bench strength for the future. Bring your senior managers and your next generation of leaders together to collaborate in team working, communication and problem solving, bridging the gap between your existing and up and coming leaders.

Don't lose the years of skills, experience and investment, as senior managers retire. Ensure the transfer of skills to your new executives by Bridging the Gap.

“The idea of a corporate 10-year plan is becoming a utopian ideal.

That type of long-term planning is becoming somewhat unattainable in a world that is

changing as quickly and as comprehensively as the Fourth Industrial Revolution dictates."

CEO of Alfa-Bank, Alexey Marey

Chech this out
  • Evolution of the workforce is a key element of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It's a core pillar of your approach to digital transformation.
  • Companies best equipped to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are those who start by looking closely at and investing in their human capital. Most organizations’ employees simply don’t have the skill sets required to take on the digital change they’re tasked with rolling out.

  • No matter how sophisticated the technology the company adopts, organizations won’t be able to truly absorb it because they haven’t prepared their people. 

  • The true challenge for CEOs who want to be more nimble isn’t rapidly adopting tech; it’s about ensuring that you have the correct mix of employees that you need, and the right skill sets and capabilities.

  • New technology will be part of the solution, but thinking just technology is the answer, that’s wrong. The term “digital” is often a crutch; it isn’t backed up with enough action to create the significant behavioral change in employees and consumers that is required.

  • Is your organization' workforce  prepared and willing to continue to learn new things? If your workforce If you does not have that mindset; if your organization's culture is not driven by continuous change and learning, it doesn't matter what assessment your workforce take today or what training you offer tomorrow. In 12 months’ time, your workforce and technological investment will again be somewhat irrelevant.

  • You need the right executive leadership team in place — who actually appreciate how this type of transformation needs to happen.

  • You need the right culture. A company needs a culture that supports the type of on-going digital transformation you’re looking to create. It means thinking and deciding more quickly across your organization from frontline to executives and, in most cases, embracing working in new ways.

  • So how can CEOs looking to reskill employees, embed a more agile and innovative culture, and empower employees to be fit for purpose in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

  • The scale of disruption right now is such that we are long past the time for a rinky-dink experimental unit.

  • It’s imperative that you build this capability to innovate and be agile across the entire enterprise.

  • Don’t just hire new talent — because if you don’t create an internal environment where they can thrive, they’ll fail. Instead, build a holistic solution.

  • CEOs must build skills in their current workforce allowing the whole "ship' to transform as fast as the 4th Industrial revolution demands it; it means making decisions on what skills they need, and how you’re going to deliver them. Start with yourself and your immediate leadership team. It’s essential you ensure that your current workforce and those new hires operate within a corporate environment and corporate culture that is designed to foster and boost innovation. A company’s ability to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about the mindset its executives foster in employees.

  • Reskilling your existing workforce is not enough. You have to be able to inject your organization with some new talent. But don’t just go out and hire people who tout themselves as digitally savvy

  • Bringing super-diverse teams together to solve problems: the focus is on bringing diverse talent and diverse perspectives together in business, experience, and technology. It is already important, and it will be even more crucial in the future. 

  • Creating a new environment for new types of talent, and a workplace that fosters the type of thinking that cultivates making what's next.

  • Learnability: 'In an environment where new skills emerge as fast as others become extinct, employability is less about what you already know and more about your capacity to learn'. Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO of Manpower Group.

  • Creativity: "Combining creative skills (design, ideation & product development) and people skills (emotional intelligence)" Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group and business magnate.  IBM survey of over 1500 CEO's from across the globe including Branson, cited creativity as the defining characteristic of tomorrow's leading organisations.

  • Social skills: David Demig, Associate Professor of Education & Economics at Harvard University, resembles the modern workplace with pre-school classrooms where we learn social skills such as empathy and cooperation, which later in the workplace show up as sharing, caring, collaboration and effective negotiation skills.

  • Service Orientation: "Human interaction in the workplace involves team production, with workers playing off of each other’s strengths and adapting flexibly to changing circumstances. Such non-routine interaction is at the heart of the human advantage over machines." A recent research paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that strong social skills will continue to become more important as robots and automation take more jobs. 

  • Multi-skilled: Sebastien Turbot, Curator & Director at World Innovation Summit for Education, says we need workers who combine "acumen with creativity, 'collaboration with good communication, and innovation with complex problem solving'.

If there is one consistent message from start to finish,

The importance of equipping your workforce with the right technical skills

and the necessary personal skills.

How is your organization retooling and refocusing to be able to pivot, change, and learn quickly over a shorter time frame than ever before?

Tom Puthiyamadam is a principal and Global Digital Services Leader with PwC’s Advisory practice, and is responsible for developing programs that help major organizations increase growth by adopting cutting-edge, digital-first business strategies.

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