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Q & A

What  to wear: We provide all of the equipment for the program, you are just in charge of wearing clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty and closed-toed shoes. In winter, dress as you would to be outside. Although chaps and a pair of cowboy boots aren't required, we do have certain safety requirements when it comes to your clothing. Simple things like closed toe shoes and dressing in clothes that you would wear outdoor.

Chaperone: We do ask that 1-2 chaperones accompany the group during the program and remain onsite during the program.

NO riding: We only work with horses on the ground in their natural state. All of our work is out of the saddle. You will work alongside the horses as part of your team rather than as a tool. This way the horse can be its true self and not be "on the job". This allows for the best and true reaction of the horse and the most beneficial way of learning for you.
No horse experience needed: As our program does not require you to ride a horse, no prior experience is necessary. We will inform every group of the rules and safety precautions to take around the animals and the arena. We always put safety first, but we can accommodate everyone's different comfort levels around the horses.
Scared of horses or anxious about them? f you aren't being pushed out of your boundaries, you aren't learning. This is an opportunity to overcome your fears or get over preconceived notions.  We don't always get to pick our team members at work, a school or in sports do we?
What if it is rainy, cold, freezing, too hot? We have to be out there too so we understand the need for a warm environment. Also, we all need to be comfortable to get the most out of the courses. If the weather outside is nice, we can always work in the sunshine, but too hot or too cold, we have the covered arena to keep us comfortable. Your program will take place regardless of the weather.

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