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Teaming up with Horses at SGA Stables

without riding:

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

The more senses that are engaged,

the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained.

The more we involve learners, the more senses are engaged,

thereby increasing the probability that they will learn, retain,

and apply what they have learned.

All while having a blast!

Check the science and research behind Equine Assisted Learning --> HERE

See programming details below:


Equine Assisted Learning

complementary EDUCATION

  • Learning is in the process

  • Not all classrooms have 4 walls

  • Equalizer - Everyone is in new territory

  • No perceived bias- Horses teach

  • Hands on - interactive & outdoors

  • No test - Horses always deliver and learning is guaranteed

  • Each participant learns what he/she individually needs to grow - not told what they need to learn or what it should look like

  • No mistakes/errors - only different choices and participants can choose again and again until they reach their goal

  • Participants see the results of their choice instantly in the moment - IMMEDIATE

  • Skills used with the horses are ALWAYS paralleled with REAL LIFE situations.

  • Real-life adaptable strategies for Mental Health and life leadership

  • Sessions/Exercises follow the BuildingBlock™ Curriculum

  • Skills are identified. developed, anchored and practiced in different situations so THAT they are:

  1. tangible

  2. long term

  3. actionable

  4. referred to in making future choices

  • Deliverables:

  1. Participants spontaneous  personal journaling

  2. Progress report to parents - guardians -sponsoring organizations allowing for future discussion, reference and applications

  • YOUTH  8 and up

  • Different programs for specific OUTSCOMES:

  1. Anti-Bullying

  2. Life Skills Tool Box

  3. Team Building

You are a school or organization

  • We customize programs to your needs

  • We travel 

  • We offer PILOT programs

You are a parent/guardian

  • Check out this year's programming

  • Register your child/family

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Women EAL Pic2_edited.jpg

Understand what it means to listen to your


for Women of all ages

​A life-changing workshops

 A powerful experience

driven with solutions 

New perspective on life and skills that apply to your everyday living

Discover your  AUTHENTIC YOU! 

NOT through Motivational Speech

BUT Hands On Learning

while having a blast

  • NO quick fixes, but a process you take home

  • New PATHS to happiness and well-being

  • Horses see through the chaos and guide us to who we really are.

  • The connection with the horse will help you find those authentic parts of yourself that have been hidden away and guide you to live in tune with who you want to be and who you are. Horses bring about personal change 

  • Doesn't it seem worth the investment in yourself — to know that what you do every day is sincerely coming from YOU not a reflection of expectations put on you? 

  • An experience within circle of friends, women just like you, teaming up with a horse through FUN ENGAGING goal oriented ground exercises.

  • ...and MORE....

Start Your Journey of Self-Discovery 


No riding  - NO experience required. 

  • We customize events

  • We travel


Birthday & more...

Try something NEW!!

FUN interactive games with horses on the ground as a TEAM and optional:

  • Lead line rides - Cart rides

  • Paint a horse/pony

  • Ages: 8-99!!! 

  • Children under 10  - at least ONE Parent supervision required at all times

  • Max - 6 participants

  • Book early limited openings

  • Helmets and Equipment provided

  • Bonfire and wiener Roast area

  • Party Room available with Fridge, Seating, coffee, indoor/outdoor


NO riding - No experience needed

Other THEMES with the same structure:

  • Girls' Get-Together (all ages)

  • Sports Teambuilding

  • Team Round-Up

  • Bacholerette Party

  • Family Reunion activity

 !!!!Contact us with your ideas!!!!


NO riding - No experience needed

Go with the flow_edited.jpg




An opportunity to build what matters most: our family away from electronics and re-connecting with nature


 Enact how:

  • getting out of your comfort zone

  • learning new things through new experiences

  • agreeing to show vulnerability

  • agreeing to cooperate with you

  • change

 lead to positive, fun, healthy emotional and mental health

  • Ages: 8-99!!! 

  •  Fun quality interactive activity time with the ones who matter most.

  • Equalizer-new territory for every member of the family

  •  communicate effectively with one another 

  •  learn together while building an unbreakable bond.

  • Re-assess existing relationship foundations without feeling you are giving-in: "the horses taught us that......."

  • Each sessions approaches a different skill for cooperation and understanding that you can take home, refer to and re-apply 

  • Refer to the experience back home as you experienced and learnt together

  • Transform Parent(s) vs.Child(ten) or Siblin vs. Sibling into WE the family unit.

NO riding - No experience needed




to CONNECT / RECONNECT as a Team & Organization

An opportunity to refine:

  •  Effective Communication

  • Cooperation

  • Empathy & Understanding

  • Having FUN together toward a common goal

  • Trust and Respect

  • Feeling heard and seen

  • Sharing ideas with confidence

  • Taking down social bias

  • Bringing everyone on the same page within the organization/team

  • Bridging the generational gap

  • Reconcile cultural differences

  • Overcome cultural bias

  • Heal generational trauma

NOT through Motivational Speech

BUT Hands On Learning:

  • Equalizer:Everyone including leaders are in unchartered territory - 

  • Skills are identified. developed, anchored and practiced in different situations so that they are:

  1. tangible

  2. long term

  3. actionable

  • Program is adapted to the workplace specific challenges and  facilitator has 15+ years of corporate leadership and change management.

  • Skills and experiences are always paralleled to REAL workplace situations

  • Clear deliverables and take aways for the sponsoring organization

  • Adapted mix of hands-on and debriefing


 Enact how:

  • getting out of your comfort zone

  • learning new things through new experiences

  • showing vulnerability

  • cooperating

  • change of mindset

 lead to positive, fun, healthy team dynamics, supervisory relationships, new mindset in problem solving in a cooperative environment while promoting emotional and mental health

  • We customize programs to your needs

  • We travel 

  • We offer PILOT programs



We will put together a proposal

fitted to your organization and goals


No riding - No experience needed


Corporate events are customized and additional facilitators allow for larger groups - Contact us

Group Sessions of 6 particiapants max

  • 12-Session Programs are $360/participant

  • 8-Session Programs are $$280/participant

  • Sessions are 1hr each and are structured as follows:

  1. Briefing (intro to session and learning outcomes)

  2. Arena experiential learning with horses

  3. Debrief (discuss the experience in the arena with the horses

  4. Journaling (Free spontaneous writing by participants of what they learnt and how they will apply it outside of the program)

Guardians/Caregivers/sponsoring organization receives copies of the session journals for further growth and assessment of the participant's progress.

  1. each session is goal oriented and  builds on the previous one.

  2. each  exercise is custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills as they work through each fun interactive group challenge.

  3. each session is a building block of growth which is applied and practiced in the following block Skills are targeted and practiced in each session in different situations.

  4. The experience and situations in the arena with the horses and team members are systematically and consistently paralleled to real life examples.

  • Programs are specifically designed: Anti-Bullying, Life Skills, Living in Authenticity, Team Building etc. While they include learning comprehensive skills: communication, critical thinking, empathy, communication  etc.; each program is developed with the specific outcomes in mind; experiential practice of the skills and their direct immediate results.

  • Helmets and equipment provided

  • Deliverables: Here are examples of growth areas participants will develop/improve:

  1. build & develop relationships;

  2. recognize & accept responsibility and accountability;

  3. overcome barriers to find change and success;

  4. be encouraged to be creative and innovative toward positive outcomes;

  5. find opportunity in working together;

  6. realize the benefits associated with  effective communication; 

  7. recognize the value of mutual trust, respectpersonal integrity.

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