Riding Programs at

      SGA Stables

  • Foundations to Advanced

  • English or Western

  • Arena, Trail and Games

  • Youth to Adults

  • Recreational or Competitive

  • Day and overnight Camps

Certified Instructor

Horsemanship Foundations
  • Safety around horses

  • Basics of horsemanship

  • Horse handling

  • Horse sense

  • Theory

  • Learn to confidently ride seasoned horse at a walk & trot/jog with control and proper position

  • Basic Trail rules

Rider Level 1
  • Rider have completed Horsemanship Foundations or equivalent

  • Rider can comfortably ride at trot/jog in the arena and on trail.

  • Rider learns canter/lope in the arena.

  • Trots comfortably on the trail.

  • Intro to arena figures and trail obstacles

  • Intro to jumping position

  •  Stable management,

Rider Level 2
  • Rider level 1 refining the use of the aids and other technical aspects of horsemanship

  • Intro to advanced western patterns

  • Intro to Jumping

  • Intro to Dressage

  • Stable management, , preparation for showing and competition, parades and more.

  • Recreational classes are for new riders to intermediate riders wanting to spend time with horses in a relaxed atmosphere with other adults. Arena and Trail

  • Intermediate/Advanced classes are for adults seeking to improve their riding in structured lessons. Arena and trail.

Adults Recreational
  • Parent and Tot session for Toddler under school age.

  • Child interacts with our special ponies or horses: lead, brush, feed

  • Parents can lead child on pony around the property or in the arena

  • 30 min sessions

  • Weeklong day-camps 

  • Weeklong Overnight Camps

  • Small Groups 

  • Campers 8 to 17 years old

  • 4 hrs of horse interaction

  • Horsemanship Crafts, Games and more...

Equine Therapy

Horses healing hearts and souls
From time to time, we all feel anxious, tense or overwhelmed.
Life stress will appear in different forms:
  • Do you feel that you are worrying all the time?
  • Do you feel tense and unable to relax?
  • Do you have trouble focusing, concentrating or you can't shut your thoughts at might and can't fall a asleep or stay asleep?
If life feels unmanageable or overwhelming,
horses can help.
Spend 30 min one-on-one with one of our Horse Therapist; horses do not judge or expect anything; they will provide you with an opportunity to practice many stress management strategies; allowing you to relax and become mindful.
Purchase an Equine Therapy Package; schedule yourself when it is practical for you and even share the package with someone in your family or a friend.
No horse experience needed; start a new beautiful friendship today!